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There are a couple of things that really end up affecting whether or not you get hired.  Your past performance, which is indicated on your resume, and how you perform during the interview in person.  The thing is, before any potential employer reads your substance abuse counselor resume, they are going to be looking at your cover letter as well.  So every single step of the process has to be up to par.  We will deal with the cover letter later, but right now let’s take a look at an example resume.

The first thing to notice is that the resume for an addiction counselor is quite like any other.  It should be tailored directly for relevancy for the career in which you are aspiring.  So in this case, there’s little need to talk about some aspect of your education, achievements, or work experience that’s not related to counseling.

To broadly provide a list of items that are a must for your resume, take a look at the following list:

  • Contact information
  • Career objectives and intentions
  • Education summary
  • Professional qualifications and experience
  • Professional and educational achievements
  • Related skills and extracurricular activities
  • Professional References

substance abuse counselor resumeAny solid resume will include these items.  This information should be presented in a concise manner as to not waste your employer’s time.  They won’t wade through any non-relevant information before filing your letter into the circular trash bin.

Let’s proceed to the example resume.  While this is simply a sample mock-up, feel free to follow the format for the foundation for your own work.

Substance Abuse Counselor Resume Example

Bethany Counts Lohr
4321 Addiction Lane
Recovery, MN 54321
Tel: (321) 321-1234

To attain and perform in a top-level position as a substance abuse counselor in an outpatient, inpatient, or hospital setting.

In addition to obtaining a certification for addiction counseling, I hold the qualities of compassion, empathy, knowledge, active listening, and patience in utmost importance.  I am ready to positively contribute professionally to those in need of rehabilitation and therapy.  The depth and breadth of my knowledge and experience extend to psychiatrics, psychology, and medical ethics.

Related Skills:
Mastery over dual-diagnosis and co-occurring mental illnesses with addiction
Competence in identifying drug interactions including street drugs and pharmaceuticals.
Knowledge of many treatment modalities and therapeutic approaches, including crisis intervention, group dynamics within the family, marriage, relationship, and social structures.
Extensive experience leading adults and adolescents through chemical dependency and gambling addictions.

Professional Experience:
Substance Abuse Counselor, Name of Facility, March 2011 – Present
Case Manager, Name of Facility, Jan 2009 – February 2011
Residential Treatment Therapist – April 2007 – December 2008
Performed intake assessments to determine appropriate treatment levels and approaches.
Trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) for de-escalation of high acuity situations.
Development and maintenance of community relationships with local treatment centers.
Charted documentation on milieu and individual behavior, including progress, restraints, elopements, accidents, and discharge notes.
Re-coaching patients proper boundaries in their social, spiritual, financial, and familial lives.
Fostered correspondence with parole and probation officers to coordinate daily details of each client’s treatment.
Dispensed and monitored medication, led individual and group therapy, and trained co-workers through education lectures.

Extracurricular Activities:
Volunteering with homeless shelters and food closets.
Active member of recovery societies and recipient of continued education.
Consider listing two or three personal hobbies to show you’re a well-balanced adult.

Master of Science in Chemical Dependency Counseling, University of AR, 2005
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, West Memphis University, 2002

Contact and ask permission from previous employers and educators to list them as references.

Good Luck!

This is simply a sample, an example of what a resume for a substance abuse counselor may look like.  Of course details will change depending upon the individual, but use this as a guide.  If you follow the broad outline, you will not leave out any pertinent information that would otherwise be required or expected.  Good luck with your job hunt!

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