The Substance Abuse Counselor Resource Center has been created with two groups of people in mind:

  • Those aspiring to become substance abuse counselors
  • Those who are in the field, whether new or old

The idea is to provide a basic foundation for anyone interested in the industry.  There are many questions that people will have in regards to the career trajectory itself.  Questions such as “How much money will I make?” and “How should I format my resume?” are very common.  But what about more complicated questions like “How does addiction interfere with the treatment plans for people suffering from schizophrenia?” for instance?  We are covering questions that range from beginner, intermediate, and up to expert.

If you are just interested, or are already a substance abuse counselor in search of more information about a specific case, we are here to help.  Browse around and see if you can find the answer.  If not, we are likely in the process of working on it, so bookmark us and return frequently for updates!

About SubstanceAbuseCounselor.us

SubstanceAbuseCounselor.us is the premier online resource for those working in the field. Whether you are hoping to begin a career in drug addiction counseling or just need to do a little research on a specific topic, we have what you need. No client, dual diagnosis, job opportunity, or news item has gone uncovered. We are the premiere, up-to-date source for the chemical dependency counseling industry. Please bookmark us and share us with your friends using the social buttons below!

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